Monday, February 4, 2008

Christian Martialism on a Budget, 7

Putting it all together: Scenario Based Training
From the beginning, as you develop competence in your fighting skills, you should combine them with other aspects of your total self defense system. I'm referring to adrenaline stress conditioning (see here & here & here & here), startle response (see here & here & here) and drawing the line (see here & here & here).

Work with your partner to develop scenarios wherein you may have to defend yourself. It would help if you knew the stages of an assault & some variations (fodder for a future post). For now, work on the obvious ones: ambush from behind, sucker punch (overhand or hook), grabs, kicks, etc. from the front or side, etc. Do not script your scenarios, but have a general idea of what you & your partner are doing.

Practice the scenarios in slow motion. I mean very slow motion. Do not cheat by moving faster when you see what your partner is up to. Match his speed as you play out your startle response and your reactive technique. At first, only practice Attack, Startle Response, Reactive Technique. Later add an attacker's defense & 2nd attack along with another reactive technique from you.

As you become comfortable with this level of practice, introduce a new level of discomfort. Let the attacker ad lib a little. Let him choose from two or three possible attacks. Then gradually increase the speed (say, 1/4 combat speed). But don't try it all in one practice session. You need to train your reactions over weeks and months.
Continued in "Christian Martialism on a Budget, 8"

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