Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Fourth Amendment???? . . .

. . . We don't need no stinkin' fourth amendment." That's the gist of the message from the Cedar Falls City Council on their ordinance to require all businesses and residents to make keys to their premises available to city officials.

As I've always maintained, the terrorists we have to fear most are the ones we put in office.

Thanks to RPC for the link to this video.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Push-ups: Dream or Nightmare? -- 2

A year-and-a-half of chiropractic adjustments augmented by gravity based traction, some back exercises and weight loss has not only helped my spine, but also the joints and muscles of my shoulder girdle. I decided to see if I could retrain my joints and muscles to the full range push-up.

I started by raising my had supports to about 28" from the floor and reducing to 20 reps per set. I did ten sets, and at the end of each one, my muscles felt as well worked as they had when I was doing 50 rep sets with my hands much lower.

I have progressed to the point where this past Saturday, I did two sets with my hands elevated only 16" from the floor. The other eight sets I still do at the 28" elevation. My plan is to increase reps and gradually work down to fully horizontal, full range push-ups.

That brings me back to my dream: I was in the horizontal push-up position. I wondered if I could do a full range push-up with my hands on the floor.

I did a couple, then decided to go for a full set of 20. And I did them -- slowly and steadily but with some effort I completed a set of 20 full range horizontal push-ups.

I found the dream encouraging because it tells me that somewhere deep inside I really believe I can do this. And that's the kind of belief that, in God's providence, can make dreams come true.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Push-ups: Dream or Nightmare?

Last night I dreamed that I was doing push-ups. Many people would describe that as a nightmare, but  I found it pleasantly encouraging.

As some of you may recall from previous posts, I had a goal of doing 500 push-ups in a day. In fact, I reached that goal a little over a year ago.

I did my push-ups 3 days a week (usually 100 to 300 reps on Tues & Thurs), and on Saturdays I made the big effort to squeeze out the 500. I did them in 3 different position (horizontal, hands 12" off the floor and hands 16" off the floor), in sets of 50.

Over the course of a year, this routine provided an upper body workout that built up and hardened muscles. The one problem was that from the time I began, I was not getting a full range of motion in my push-ups.

Shoulder problems prevented me from going all the way to the floor, so I decided early on that half a push-up was better than no push-up at all. And that has been my practice up until about a month ago.

(To be continued)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fit and Finish

I've never owned an Ernest Emerson knife, so I'm not necessarily endorsing his product (as if his company needed my endorsement!) But his comments about "fit & finish" vs. performance apply to a lot more than knives.

Here's a link:

Fit and Finish

And, thanks to my barber for sharing the link.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Point Shooting Demo

My barber sent me the following link to a video demonstration of point shooting. Incredible!

If they considered the handgun a musical instrument, this guy would be appearing in Carnegie Hall.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oft in Sorrow, Oft in Woe

My wife sent me the words to this song. You may hear the melody here.

Oft in sorrow, oft in woe,
Onward, Christian, onward go:
Fight the fight, maintain the strife
Strengthened with the Bread of life.

Onward Christians, onward go,
Join the war, and face the foe;
Faint not: Much does yet remain,
Dreary is the long campaign.

Shrink not, Christians will ye yield?
Will ye quit the painful field?
Will ye flee in danger’s hour?
Know ye not your Captain’s pow’r?

Let your drooping hearts be glad:
March in heavenly armor clad:
Fight, nor think the battle long,
Victory soon shall be your song.

Let not sorrow dim your eye,
Soon shall every tear be dry;
Let not fears your course impede,
Great your strength, if great your need.

Onward then in battle move,
More than conquerors ye shall prove;
Though opposed by many a foe,
Christian soldiers onward go.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

MacAvram: Muslims at the Gate

[MacAvram: from Scottish Mac ("son of") and Hebrew Avraam ("Abraham"); a son of Abraham by virtue of faith in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:29); a covenantal rather than genetic designation.]

Here's a bit of fiction I dashed off. I do not assert any connections to reality. It may be best to consider it total fantasy.

MacAvram was at war . . . 

He carefully removed the surface divots from the forest floor before he began to dig in earnest. He placed the divots aside and then deposited the earth from the hole on a tarp. 

After he dug down about three-and-a half feet, chopping away tree roots with a hand axe, he carefully place the waterproof package containing the AK-47 and three empty magazines in the bottom of the hole. Next to them, he put another container that contained the 90 rounds of ammo from the magazines along with 100 rounds he had picked up from the compound's ammo storage.

He filled the hole with enough dirt to make a small mound, then pieced the divots back into place as precisely as he could. As he had filled the hole, he put in odd pieces of scrap iron in hopes of fooling anyone with a metal detector.

Then he sprinkled pine needles and mold over the area to approximate a match with the surrounding ground. After he hauled away the excess soil, the average person would not notice the spot unless they were looking for it, and after the first good rain, only someone with the skills of an Apache tracker would find it at all.

Yes, MacAvram was at war. He had not initiated it, nor had he wanted it, but he was at war all the same.


It all started one morning just before dawn. In God's providence, Mac had awakened and, unable to sleep, sat down at his computer to begin sifting through the day's email.

The squeal of brakes drew his gaze up and out the window, where he saw an old three-ton truck rolling to a stop at the chain-link gate out front.On the back of the truck, he saw some figures with Islamic headgear and faces masked by scarves.

Mac immediately picked up his Remington 870 which already had two rounds of #8 shot in the magazine. As he headed toward the front door, he scooped up five double-ought shells and began feeding them into the weapon.

His hours of practice loading the weapon paid off, for he reached his front door in just a few seconds, as he completed the loading process. By now, the dog was barking, and he stepped onto the front porch to find that an intruder bearing an AK-47 had come over the gate and was more than halfway across the yard.

Mac fired through the porch window and scarcely noticed the wood and glass that exploded outward into his yard, as the intruder fell. Another sat awkwardly perched atop the gate, unsure what to do.

A bullet whizzed past Mac as he realized that a terrorist standing on the back of the truck had fired at him. Evidently he had been too excited to take careful aim. Mac's adrenaline was up, too, but he exhaled slowly as he sent a load of double-ought directly toward the shooter.

No sooner had he dispatched that attacker than he turned his attention to the one on the gate, who now attempted to bring his AK to bear. Mac fired at him, and as he tumbled over backwards, one pant leg caught on chain link material, and the sound of ripping cloth marked his slow, head-first descent to the ground.

No more than four or five seconds had passed since Mac fired the first shot. At this point, the truck engine revved as the driver began to let out the clutch. The rear window blew into the cab as Mac fired again. The truck lurched and stalled.

Somewhere in those chaotic seconds, MacAvram had noticed one last terrorist who had run along the chain link fence, using the vegetation that grew there for concealment. By now, Mac's wife had appeared behind him at the front door, carrying her Ithaca Model 37.

He called back to her as he headed toward the gate, "If any of them moves, shoot 'em." Keeping his eyes in the terrorist's direction, he slowly unlocked the gate and pushed it open with the muzzle of his Remington.

A full-auto hail of .30 caliber bullets sprayed past the gate as Mac jumped back. Figuring the shooter's magazine to be empty, MacAvram stepped out the gate and killed the terrorist just as his spare mag clicked into place.

Just a few minutes later, the terrorists' reinforcements arrived. They wore badges and rode in cars with flashing lights and sirens, but their words and deeds did not favor the man who had just defended his home.

Who fired first?

I did.

Why did you fire on them?

Men armed with automatic weapons were coming over a closed locked gate. In my book, that's a home invasion.

Do you have any idea why they would single you out for this alleged attack? 

(Alleged attack?!!)

Well, I've been outspoken on the internet against Islamic terrorist cells that train at more than 30 bases around the nation, including here in South Carolina. Maybe they wanted to shut me up.

After seemingly endless interrogation, the police confiscated his shotgun -- because department policy dictated that they take any weapon used in a homicide. When he protested that the homicide was justifiable, they said it was not for them to decide, and they were just doing their job.

When he pointed out that these terrorists might have friends who would want to finish the job they had started, the police asked if he had any other firearms in the house. At this question, MacAvram decided to just shut his mouth while he was behind, to keep from falling even farther behind.

Mac was not at home when ATF arrived, searched his house and confiscated all every gun there. They told his wife that, as a suspect in a homicide investigation, he was not allowed to own any firearms. They comprised the third wave of terrorist invaders.

MacAvram knew he was at war. The first wave of invaders had failed; their allies in the second and third waves had rendered him helpless for the next attack.


When he arrived home, MacAvram spread the soil from the tarp in his garden. Then he went inside and carefully cleaned his Bowie knife with laundry bleach to destroy any DNA that might hide there. 

He rinsed it thoroughly with distilled water to remove the corrosive bleach and then dried it and sprayed it with WD-40. As he worked, a crackling fire in his grill consumed two bloody arrows.

Later, as he clicked to the online news reports, his horse bow* leaned on the wall within reach, where he once kept his shotgun. The news video began to play.

The FBI reports that it is investigating a break-in at a rural Muslim community where three people were found murdered early this morning. One man's throat was cut, while two others' throats were pierced by what investigators speculate may have been hunting arrows . . . .

The report called it a "community" rather than a paramilitary training compound. It also failed to mention that all three "victims" were carrying fully automatic AK-47 rifles, but of course, before law enforcement arrived,  the training compound's leaders no doubt hid the two assault rifles that Mac had left behind.

Yes, MacAvram was at war. He had not initiated it, nor had he wanted it, but he was at war, all the same. He did not intend to lose.

*A short, powerful, recurve bow, such as used by the Mongols and other mounted archers.

Friday, June 17, 2011

From the Barber's Chair: Erosion of Personal Character

My barber responded to my Tuesday's blog entry "Is Society Collapsing?" with the following email:

This subject comes up at least weekly in the shop. I am not the one who brings it up,either.  We all agree that the erosion of personal character is a huge problem,and getting worse.  More and more folks are prepping.....

He and I observed this years ago, in the little rural PA town where they hold an annual week-long fair. The police treat whatever the carnies do on the fairgrounds as off limits.

I've seen trailers that ran sewage right out onto public streets, and I've seen a respected member of the community illegally use a handicap placard so he could park close to the fairgrounds.

Officialdom looks the other way, because not only is the fair itself big business, it also generates a lot of money for local business owners. They allow lawlessness during fair week because, in the short run, lawlessness pays.

For the general public, although, the fair is not quite as flamboyant as Mardi Gras, the principle is the same. Everyone excuses misbehavior with the phrase, "What the h***! It's fair week."

Well, the erosion of character is not limited to small town Pennsylvania. The Justice Department has unsuccessfully tried to cover up an ATF operation that deliberately armed Mexican drug gangs, fully knowing that murders would result.

Some observers think that part of the motivation for the operation lay in a plan to manufacture a crisis situation and then call for stricter gun control laws. IMNSHO, this would not have been the first time federal authorities have done this.

When some of the agents objected to the agency's deliberately subverting federal law, a supervisor issued the following statement:

I will be d****d if this case is going to suffer due to petty arguing, rumours, or other adolescent behavior," he wrote. "We are all adults, we are all professionals, and we have an exciting opportunity to use the biggest tool in our law-enforcement tool box. If you don't think this is fun, you are in the wrong line of work, period!

The erosion of character does not belong solely to the private sector. You may read more about the ATF fiasco here:

Exposed: The secret guns sting that backfired on the US

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Society Collapsing?

Over at the site named "The Economic Collapse" you will find an article entitled 18 Signs the Collapse of Society is Accelerating. I've known about some of them, but others are [bad] news to me.

You might want to look things over, especially if you need a little motivation to get your preparedness program in gear. Things are getting nastier, and the author hits the nail on the head -- economic hardship is not causing the collapse, but merely uncovering the erosion of personal character that has taken place over the past couple of generations.

Do you see any signs of a disintegrating social order -- large or small -- where you work or live? If so, I hope you will share them in the comments section

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Giant

My wife sent me this poem as it appeared on the blogsite Large Family Mothering. The blogger got it from McGuffey's Juvenile Reader.

The Giant

There came a giant to my door, 
A giant, fierce and strong. 
His step was heavy on the floor, 
His arms were ten yards long.

He scowled and frowned: He shook the ground: 
I trembled through and through; 
At length I looked him in the face, 
And cried, "Who cares for you?"

The mighty giant, as I spoke, 
Grew pale, and thin, and small;
And through his body, as 't were smoke, 
I saw the sunshine fall.

His blood-red eyes turned blue as skies, 
He whispered soft and low. 
"Is this," I cried, with growing pride,
"Is this the mighty foe?"

He sank before my earnest face, 
He vanished quite away, 
And left no shadow in his place 
Between me and the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Speech You Won't Hear from a Candidate in 2012

Here is a man whose political view belies influence from a Christian worldview at some point. It's not perfect, mind you, but his analysis and outlook are better than anyone I know of who is running for office this time around.

I wanted to cheer when he said that the main concern is not whether a law is constitutional, but whether it is good or evil. What he failed to mention is that only the Bible offers us the absolute, ultimate, authoritative and definitive standard of good and evil.

A lot of conservatives won't like what he has to say about foreign policy, but I believe he's spot on. It's near the end of the speech.

Although I found it evocative and entertaining, at just over 3/4 of an hour, this speech runs about 47 and 1/2 minutes beyond the average couch potato's attention span. Nevertheless, I present it here, because I believe my average reader is way above average in focus and perseverance.

Okay, now I will leave the whole election process alone for awhile. At least for awhile   .

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Speech You Will Not Hear from a Candidate in 2012

Although the next national election is over a year away, potential candidates are jockeying for position as pollsters and pundits make their projections. So, I will step outside the normal parameters of WARSKYL to comment on the political status quo -- Latin for the mess we are in.

A roundup of the usual suspects, er candidates, will include the usual sprinkling of those who profess evangelical faith. Since the media will either dismiss or calumniate them, politically conservative evangelicals will tend to close ranks behind them and vote for them.

Therefore, as a public service, I want to present to you the speech that you will not hear from any of the conservative evangelical candidates running for office in 2012.

My fellow Christian Americans, I come before you today a changed man. Since the last election, God has severely convicted me of how I have put political expediency above my loyalty to Jesus Christ. 

I have repented of that grievous sin, and I also ask you, my supporters to forgive me. Specifically, I ask you to forgive me for hedging my faith in the last election. 

Two years ago, I told you that I would go to Washington to support traditional Judaeo-Christian values. I used the term Judaeo-Christian in order to seem more inclusive . . . less offensive to those who did not share my faith in Jesus Christ.

Since then, one of my supporters has sat down with me in a study of Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, and I have learned that Judaeo-Christianity is a departure from the Christian faith. Therefore, during this campaign, I want everyone to understand my position regarding my faith.

First, let me declare that Jesus Christ is not only my Prophet, Priest and King, He is the rightful Ruler over this and all nations. If God sees fit to allow me to go to Washington, my first allegiance will be to Him. The political machine, special interests, and even the will of the people must take a back seat to the fact that I will use my office first and foremost to serve my Lord and Redeemer.

Second, as a corollary to my first point, let me say that I will weigh all legislation by the standard of God's Word, the Bible. The Constitution may be a great document, but Holy Scripture reveals the will of the Creator and Governor of the universe, and as such I will treat it for what it truly is, the Supreme Law of the land.

Finally, let me say that I fully believe that public welfare programs, whether for the rich, like the bank bailout, or the middle class, like public education or for the poor, like food stamps are all contrary to Scripture. I will vote against any bill that seeks to redistribute wealth in any way, shape or form.

My advisors tell me that if I stand on this platform, I will not be electable. Over the past several months, however, I have come to realize that when I one day stand before the Great Judge of all men, He will not be interested in how electable I was. He will be much more interested in how faithful I was.

If I am elected, I will serve my King. If I am defeated, then at least the electorate will have had a real choice -- one which they have, perhaps, not had for over 200 years. One for which God can and will hold them responsible.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Intruder in the House: Be Vewy Vewy Quiet . . .

When Elmer Fudd was hunting Bugs Bunny, he cautioned us to be vewy vewy quiet. This advice also applies if you have an intruder in the house.

I was on the phone with my barber last night, when my wife came in to say, "Good night." The door hinges squeaked, as they always have as she came in and went out.

My barber pointed out that if an uninvited guest entered the house, those hinges would give away my exact location. The intruder would know my location, but I might not know his -- not good!

I got off the phone and sprayed WD40 on the hinges, and now they're quiet.

How about your house? Any noisy tattletales that could put you at a tactical disadvantage? If you have fixed any, I'm sure other readers would like to hear about the problem and how you solved it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Self Defense: Technical or Tactical?

Most self defense instructors teach a technique-oriented program. "If he does this, you do that."

Technique-oriented programs require scores, if not hundreds, of techniques in order to comprehensively cover the various situations and avenues of attack. Such a large number of choices is bound to slow down your OODA loop.

Bruce Lee practiced and taught a concept called No Technique. He operated in terms of a few simple principles, such as see the closest target and strike with the nearest weapon and find/create an opening and strike. These are tactics rather than techniques.

Steve Golden trained under Bruce Lee. If you are on any of Keith Pascal's e-mail lists, you recently received a link to the Steve Golden video below. If you missed it, here's your chance to gain a little insight into his approach.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

From the Barber's Chair: The Inescapability of Character

Bob Jones, Sr. used to say, "Your reputation is what men think you are. Your character is what you are when no one  but God is looking." Nevertheless, character will always come out in our actions and attitudes.

This recent communication from my barber (edited for typos and to protect the identity of a certain young army captain serving in Afghanistan) anecdotally illustrates the inescapability of character:

Had to get blades sharpened yesterday.  Williamsport Barber Supply does an international business.  Few walk-in customers.  Frank works in a small back room at his work bench.  Frank apprenticed for his Barber License in 1939.  That was not a misprint.  1939.  "Retired" now,he services clippers,lather machines,and sharpens blades,and shears.  We have been fast friends for years.  Frank is a Barber's barber.  If you are reading this email,it's because I know you appreciate sharp blades,and tools.  Frank works only one day a week,wednesday,my day-off.  We have known each other for years,and we both smile when we see each other.  Like you and me,he's only serious about a few things.  Like God,the Barber trade,sharp edges,and tradition.  Frank stills travels back to the old country,Italy.  He has family there yet.
Four blades,and one shear needed the master's touch.  We talked shop as he hand sharpened the blades on a wheel he made himself decades ago.  Only he knows the right number of times,and the right pressure to use on the wheel. Barber shears have a corrugated edge to the blades.  If they didn't,the hair would just fold into the blades,and not cut.  Turning to the shears,(scissors are what kindergarteners' use to cut construction paper with),we barbers are touchy when a woman comes in the shop and tells us to use scissors only on her child.Frank hand files them,using a well-worn groove in the workbench.  Yeah,Craig,totally by hand,with a master's eye.  He keeps an old wig perched on an old cosmetology mannequin head on the shelf.  After hand filing the shear points,the filing of the blades changes the contact point at the tips ever so much,he reached up,took a small section of hair,and gently closed his hand.  The now razor-sharp shears,severed the fake hair effortlessly.  Frank looked at me,big grin on his face,and I smiled back in acknowledgement.  That's our routine.
A woman's voice interrupted the joy of the moment.  A voice I recognized.  It was a lady barber from a town about 20 miles from my place.  She announced herself,reached into a rather gaudy colored,large handbag,and unceremoniously dumped three clippers onto a table in the room,while at the same time complaining about all the haircuts she had to do the day before.  All the life,and joy was sucked out of the room.  She very high-and-mightily told frank to clean,and tune,and sharpen the clippers,and that she would return later for them.  Frank looked at me with a look of disgust,shaking his head slowly.  After she flew out of the room,Frank told me that she likes girls.  I said, "That figures."  In the fifteen years I have known this wonderful man and master,I have never TOLD him to do anything.  I have always gently asked,and he has always dropped what he was doing,and went immediatly to work on my gear.  Bidding goodbye,and giving him the Lord's Blessing,I walked out front to greet Kevin,the manager.
Kevin excitedly told me that his son-in-law is now discharged,and thanked me for the support,and Prayers.  Turns out it had been four years since the IED blast in the armored-up HMMV in Iraq.  Among the grievous injuries he suffered TBI still lingers.  I told him that the Army wouldn't discharge him until he was fixed.  Turns out that was correct.  I couldn't believe it had been four years.  Kevin always asks about [my son].  Told me before I left that he still Prays for [him],and to tell him so.  Kevin began to tear-up as he describes what his daughter has to go through with her husband,and the TBI.  I've said it before,the true cost of this war will never be known,but to God.

It's just a simple story, but in it you can see kindness, compassion and mutual respect contrasted with rudeness and self-absorption. Christian Martialist, how does your character peek through the trappings of daily activity? And what would your barber have to say about your last visit?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspirational Video

For all its faults, the Lord of the Rings movies have their inspirational moments. Here is a speech that a local radio host played for Memorial Day.

It Is Not This Day

I think we should view it looking forward rather than back.