Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rear Kick

I have started to practice a rear kick, just a few reps each morning after our walk. This particular version is actually a snap rear kick, and it's for when someone grabs you from behind. For the moment we will bypass such questions as: "Why didn't he whup you upside the head to disorient you before grabbing you," and, "What lapse of alertness on your part allowed the orc to come up behind you like that?"

I practice this rear kick with my back against the heavy bag. The bottom of the bag is adjusted to groin level. Then I snap my heel up to contact the bottom of the bag. I try to maintain my back in contact with the bag because leaning forward to gain kicking height may not be an option in an actual encounter.

This version of the rear kick does not need to contact with a lot of force. It's not the heavy strikes, but the quick sharp ones that cause the most distress in groin shots.

If I continue to practice the snap rear kick, I expect joint mobility to increase. As this happens, I plan to raise the bag an inch or two at a time, in case I'm grabbed by someone with longer legs.

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