Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Christian Martialism on a Budget, 8

Putting it all together: Scenario Based Training, cont'd
Here is a sample scenario.

Attacker: Say, do you have a light?

Defender: (Alert to distance) No.

Attacker: (Starts to move in) Are you sure?

Defender: (Hands up, palms out, then loudly) Stop! Leave me alone.

Attacker: No need to get all paranoid (launches attack before finishing sentence)

Defender: (Startle response & reactive technique, then escape)

  • The attack might consist of rushing, grabbing, sucker punching, etc.
  • The attacker's approach may also vary -- ask for directions, ask to use cell phone, "wanna buy a watch?", etc.
  • The escape from the situation is vital. You are not there to win a fight or to prove how macho you are. Sticking around could get you hurt or killed. Also, from a legal standpoint, you may someday be glad to be able to say under oath that your self defense practice focused on the objective of escaping danger.

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