Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tactical Training Tip from Keith Pascal

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Martial Arts Scenario Training - Package Practicing in Public
By Keith Pascal

Platinum Quality Author

Are you out and about a lot? Window shopping? Maybe doing a little real shopping? Do you spend a lot of time in crowds? Department stores? Walking to your car with bags in hand?

Have you done enough shopping to last a lifetime, where the thought of more sickens you? Or are you ready for more -- always?

Here's a quick little martial arts training scenario idea:

Train with a package in hand.

That's about it.

Try different sizes and different weights. Load yourself up with several department store bags. Even though the title of this article implies scenario training in public, I wouldn't start that way. Practice in a class, or with a partner at home.

Save the public practice ... for just being more aware whenever you have to carry a package in public. For now, start in the privacy of your own home. The idea is to [burden] yourself with either the shape of the package, the weight of the package, its size, or the number of packages that you have to juggle at one time.

Then have your practice partner vary the attack. Try everything from the teasing hassle, to an attack.

By the way, if your attacker is just going for the packages, I'd advise giving them up without a fight. No toaster is worth your life. You agree, right?

Make sure you give equal practice time to your partner. You both want to be prepared for an attack while you are carrying a package. This is why you practice scenario martial arts training.

I hope you are never attacked, but if you are, scenario training has prepared you.

Have fun. Be careful. And don't put anything fragile in your packages.

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