Saturday, July 15, 2017

Gravelbelly Meets South African Sheepdog/Missionary

In South Africa, Charl Van Wyk preaches the Gospel of Christ, wages warfare against the spiritual forces of wickedness in high places, and stands ready to use lethal force to protect those under his care. Oh, and after nine years of knowing about him, last Saturday I met this missionary sheepdog brother face to face in Wyomissing, PA.

In 2008, I blogged about a Reformed Christian Martialist who had stopped a terrorist attack on his church in 1993 (see here). I followed up with another blog several months later (see here), and then just two years ago, I referenced him in a post about the inadvisability of turning churches into gun-free zones (see here).

Last week, God granted me the privilege of chatting with him before and after his lecture "Fighting Demons in Africa, Body and Soul." You can hear his lecture below. It runs over an hour, but it includes teaching 99% of American evangelicals have not and will not hear in their churches