Monday, February 25, 2008

Do Your Christian Service Tactically

Serving Christ is a natural desire for any Christian, but if you're a Christian sheepdog, you may want to consider how to do your Christian service tactically. There are many places of service open in most churches, and a sheepdog might find himself in any one of them. But I want you to consider one avenue of service that is a natural for the sheepdog: that of usher.

In most churches, ushers also serve as greeters. They greet church members coming into the sanctuary & give them bulletins. They also greet visitors, answer questions and make them feel welcome. During the service they may help take the offering, but other than that remain at the back of the sanctuary to help latecomers find seating.

What better place for someone to serve as an undercover sentry? I say "undercover" because 999/1000's of your job will involve smiling, greeting and being generally helpful. No one will suspect (nor should they) that you are screening everyone who comes through the door.

While the eyes of all the sheep are on the shepherd at the front, the sheepdog/usher is at the rear, keeping a watchful eye on the flock as he, too, worships.
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