Saturday, July 25, 2009

Warrior's Dilemma, 5

Continued from "Warrior's Dilemma, 4"

A lot of my previous discussion in this series turns on the question of what constitutes an unjust war. Emil was the first to point this out, but others have echoed his insight.

In his Institutes of Biblical Law, R.J. Rushdoony provides commentary on the Biblical concept of war from a perspective that our secular humanist age has forgotten. To wit, the nature of any law system goes to the very heart of what kind of wars that system will engender:

In brief, every law-order is a state of war against the enemies of that order, and all law is a form of warfare. Every law declares that certaion offenders are enemies of the law-order and must be arrested. For limited offenses, there are limited penalties; for capital offences [sic],capital punishment. Law is a state of war; it is the organization of the powers of civil government to bring the enemies of the law-order to justice. (p. 93)

Rushdoony now expands and applies this concept:

Since law is a form of warfare, it follows that there is a required continual barrier to peace with evil. Man cannot seek co-existence with evil without thereby declaring war against God. . . . The fact of warfare remains constant: the object of warfare can change. Marxist states [today, Muslim states, grvlbly] claim to be for "world peace" but this is only in terms of total conquest and total warfare against God and against all men. The more total the peace desired, the more total the warfare required. The new creation of Jesus Christ is the end result of His total warfare against a fallen world; it requires the permanent suppression of evil in hell. The new creation demanded by various forms of socialism [ or Islam, or secular humanism, gvlbly] requires the permanent suppression of the God of Scripture and of His covenant people. There can be peace in heaven, but no peace between heaven and hell.

There is much here to digest. I recommend that you think on these things until my next post on the subject.


Randall Gerard said...

If Rushdoony is right, and I believe he is, there really is no room in any country for 'principled pluralism'. The law is always going to reflect the god or gods of that society. It's no surprise then, that our legal structure and political institutions become more incoherant and anti-christian every day. Man will always posit a 'god', even if it's only a form of government, and base law on that understanding. The choices are: many false gods or the Trinity revealed in Holy Scripture. Muslims understand this fact much better then we do, thus their push for sharia law in every western country that has a significant muslim minority. They intend to win Europe by out-breeding native europeans and then changing their laws and institutions to reflect islam. Christians in this country should be doing the same thing. Breed all the pagans into the ocean and take back our country, by re-christianizing our law and government.

I'm really enjoying this series, gravelbelly. There are some fine observations here; very pertinent to our troubled times.

Gravelbelly said...

Exactly! Our nation says, "one nation under god," but nowhere does our system define which god. So, in a national crisis our president calls for a day of prayer and attends a service at the "national cathedral" with the usual suspects: Catholics, Protestants and Jews. Alongside that polytheist assembly you find Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and other followers of strange gods.

This is "political polytheism" (Gary North's term for syncretism). In terms of our national government, it began with the unitarian god whom Jefferson invoked in the Declaration of Independence. It became official policy under the guise of neutrality in the "no religious test" clause of the U.S. Constitution, and it grew under the tutelage (indoctrination) of the unitarian public school movement led by Horace Mann and backed by wealthy Boston unitarians.

Today, too many Christian sheeple follow the false shepherds who invoke the siren call of "God & country" at election time and when they want to incite the populace to back their latest war efforts. These are not true shepherds, but thieves & murderers who break in, steal and lay waste to God's temple.

I had planned to save all that for a future post, but you lit the fuse.