Saturday, June 13, 2009

Edge of Hand (Judo Chop) to Side of Neck

The Edge-of-Hand Strike, Judo Chop or Karate Chop to the side of the neck is one of the more effective blows that you can use in self defense. The reason -- or more properly, half the reason -- for the effectiveness of this strike is that so many lines of supply necessary to proper function of body and brain run through the neck.

  1. Two networks of nerve fibers(each is called a brachial plexus), go down each side of the neck. A sharp blow to either complexz will send a disruptive pulse to the brain, resulting in a brachial stun.
  2. The carotid artery also runs down the side of the neck. A quick strike will compress the artery, causing a spike followed by a precipitous drop in blood pressure, resulting in disorientation or loss of consciousness.
  3. Finally, you have the vagus nerve -- the only nerve that directly exits the cranium without passing through the spinal cord. It's involved in monitoring and regulating internal organs, including the lungs and heart. A sharp blow can have a stunning effect by disrupting heart rhythms.
Bottom line? You don't need to aim for a specific point. Just hit the side of the neck.

The other half of this blow's effectiveness lies in the the power you can generate with the Edge of Hand Strike. If you train properly, your hand snaps out with the speed of a boxer's jab.

On the side of the neck, you need not hit with just the edge of the hand. The ulnar bone of the forearm makes just as effective a striking edge, so precision is not an issue.

The following video shows the effectiveness of the blow on the street. If you watch closely, you will see the karate expert wind up a little before he strikes.

The street orc was evidently too high on adrenaline (or just plain too high) to notice the telegraph. This demonstrates that even an imperfect skill will often work when the chips are down.

Caution: The nerves and blood supply in the neck are vital to sustaining life. You should not use this technique casually, as it may cause fatality in some instances.

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The Warrior said...

Ooh, good one. The more I read and learn the more I want to use the knife hand.

Good points. I will remember them on the street now.