Monday, February 18, 2008

Pistol Disarm

I see a lot of things I like in this side of head pistol disarm video from Here are some of them:
  1. Moving into the handgun rather than away from it (because you can't defend against the bullet, so you have to defend against the shooter);
  2. Launching the defense from something very close to the startle response position;
  3. Turning on a short, quick radius (because action is faster than reaction);
  4. Striking with the effective & simple Tiger Claw (palm heel strike with fingers curled to slip into eyes -- see Get Tough!).
The only part of this defense that I question is grabbing the weapon. If the orc has a revolver that goes off as you grab it, exploding gases escape the force cone that will burn and tear the flesh of the palm of your hand. I saw a video somewhere of a guy wearing a thick leather gauntlet putting his hand around a revolver which was then fired. You don't want what happened to that glove happen to your hand.

In practicing this defense, I think I would snake my hand down around his arm and grab the palm-side of his hand where it's wrapped around the weapon. You lose a little leverage, but the Tiger Claw to his chin and eyes should distract him enough for you bend back his wrist & still lock his finger in the trigger guard. At that point, you can [more] safely remove the firearm from his hand.

Note: Fighting empty-handed against someone with a weapon is dangerous. Only you can accept the responsibility & liability for deciding to do so.

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