Friday, February 29, 2008

Controlling Adrenaline Stress: Mental Imaging, 2

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Here's how controlling adrenaline stress through mental imaging works for the sales professional who has lost confidence. He must close his eyes and picture himself making a sale. In his mind, he sees himself make the presentation and close the sale. Simple enough?

Well, simple isn't always easy. Winning the Olympic high jump is simple -- just jump higher than anyone else. But the execution is not so easy. In the same way, using mental imaging to train requires initiative, discipline and effort.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how to use mental imaging to control your adrenaline stress, I want to talk about why this works. Simply put, it works because you learn from experience. For example, when I was in Jr. High School (Middle School to you moderns), I got beat up -- a lot.

I was 12 and not yet through puberty, but the orcs who singled me out for "special treatment" (the price you pay if you'd rather read a book than play baseball) were big, hairy, and older than I. This went on for almost two school years.

Throughout that time, I fantasized about defeating the orcs, but fantasizing is not serious mental imaging. However, the experiences themselves conditioned my adrenaline stress control. I'll discuss what I learned in "Controlling Adrenline Stress: Mental Imaging, 3".
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