Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carrying in Church

You may recall that I have touched on some of the issues involved in church security in posts like "Gravelbelly Confesses" and "Do Your Christian Service Tactically". I also commented on the incident at New Hope Church in my posts, "Jael's Daughter" and "Tactical Training".

Getting my CCW is on the "to do" list, but in South Carolina, it costs money for the class & then the permit. As a consequence, I do not carry in church. I do (normally) position myself tactically at the rear of the sanctuary, between the two most commonly used entry points.

Recently, L.T. (my barber!) sent me a link to a SIGforum discussion about carrying in church. There are tactical and ethical considerations that will provide a Christian Martialist sheepdog with plenty of fodder for thought here:

Carrying in Church

Notice the comments about the Vietnam vet pastor who did not want anyone carrying a firearm in "his" church. Sad. However, I found the sheepdog's respectful compliance with his shepherd's wishes to be outstanding (shiny!).

Always remember that, although your first allegiance is the Heavenly Shepherd/King, you demonstrate that allegiance as you remain under discipline to His earthly appointed representatives.

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