Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gravelbelly Confesses

I confess! Ever since I was little, I was taught to close my eyes during prayer. I guess it's to aid in concentrating on the prayer. Little ones don't always do it, though, like one of my grandchildren who tattled on another during family altar time. "[name] was looking around while we were praying."

The proper adult response, of course is, "How would you know unless you were looking around?" That's all kid stuff, but I have to confess that sometimes, during prayer at church, I peek. I try to stay with the prayer (really!). But I still open my eyes briefly and scan the parking area through the windows. Sometimes I take a quick look behind to see if anyone has entered the sanctuary.

I suppose I should sit in the very back to keep a watch on the flock as they worship. But that would just be paranoid, wouldn't it? ;-)


Colton said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

P.S. I've been waiting for a blog like this for quite some time.

Gravelbelly said...

I thought there were only two of us. Now I know there are at least three.

P.S. May your tribe increase.

Bruce said...

I usually pray, even in public, with head bowed, eyes closed, in concentration.

However, when I open the worship service with the Invocation, I lift up my arms and spread them wide in a gesture of reception, and my head is also lifted up, and my eyes are open wide, and usually an expression of gladness. We are responding to God!

He just called us into his presence; we've just now been seated in the heavenly places in Christ, heavens have bowed and he has come down; the ladder, the connection, has been set between the realities, and we are at a cosmic intersection of the temporal and the eternal.

I can "see" none of that, but I want my face to reflect to any who might be looking at me (sneaking a peek?) what my heart is "seeing" by faith. And I want them to copy me.