Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Combat Course

Cheap is good. Free is better. That little motto is true IF AND ONLY IF the item has value. There are people on the net who offer free e-books that are just a waste of time to read and a waste of space on your hard drive.

I have recommended Keith Pascal's free materials in the past because the information he gives away is better than what you'd pay someone else good money for. Yes, he uses his free material to promote the books he has for sale, but there's nothing wrong with that.

It's like the lady in the supermarket who gives you a little bit of sausage on a toothpick. She does it in hopes that you'll like the taste and buy the product.

I cannot understand why any Christian Martialist would not snap up any offer, if it's both free and good. That's just what Keith Pascal's 9-part combat course is -- free and good.

Each lesson is short, to the point, and designed to improve your combat skills. Here's the link to sign up for it:

Free Combat Course