Saturday, August 23, 2008

Knockout Punches

Today, I'm giving you another article by Keith Pascal. He makes the point that knockout punches are only for fights in which your life is on the line. Let me add that if your life is not on the line, it's a 90% probability that you don't need to be fighting. Fighting for your life is valid; fighting for your ego is not.

In addition, what he says about punching also applies to open hand strikes. Enjoy

Knockout Punch Danger - The Simple Punch Knockout Punch Danger - The Simple Punch

By Keith Pascal

Have you ever typed "how to knock someone out with one punch" or "knockout punches" into a search engine, like Google? Were you searching for a free article on these power punches?

Recently, I read an esoteric article about developing a single, knock-out punch.

The author was OK, when he talked about "brain rattling." It's that jarring motion that often cause a total knock out in boxing. (I think I would have been happier, if he had explained the dangers of knocking someone unconscious by rattling the brain against the skull.

Knockout Punch Dangers Missed By Author

Where the esoteric author stepped over the line was when he started discussing hitting the temple. Sure, the advice read as though it was lifted from one of my ebooks or ecourses on devastating punching, minus all of the warnings.

This author talked about Dim Mak (The Death Touch) as though it were just another intellectual discussion for his web site.

Is he so naive that he doesn't understand that a sharp blow to the temple can kill someone?

Hasn't he read about the fatal accidents that have happened to actors when they fire blanks or rubber bullets at their temple?

Punching to the temple is very dangerous.

The Responsibility of Knowing How to Knock Someone Out with a Single Punch

This may sound as corny as a Spiderman movie, but with the knowledge of being able to knock someone out every time comes the awesome responsibility to ... avoid knocking someone out!

My philosophy is "Those that can, don't. Those that can't ... claim that they can."

How to Develop a Single Knockout Punch

Look, you don't need to learn a punch to the temple, in order to knock someone out. Don't risk it. Don't risk the life of another in an attempt to "knock someone unconscious."

It just doesn't make sense.

If you need to incapacitate someone in a fight, you have a lot of options. A light tap to the groin for example, may or may not cause someone to pass out. Either way, you will probably successfully defend yourself.

I could give other examples, too. Just think vulnerable areas.

I agree that devastating punches are very useful ... but you need to know how to use them. Most fights don't warrant such a risk.

Your life would have to be in dangerous before you'd consider such a drastic move as a "knockout punch."

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Keith Pascal is a martial-arts writer and has taught martial arts for 25 years.

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Stephen Boyd said...

Great article! With increased skill/freedom comes the need for responsibility.

As Jeff Cooper once said, "A good shot must necessarily be a good man since the essence of good marksmanship is self-control and self-control is the essential quality of a good man."

I really think this applies to all warrior skills, not just shooting.