Monday, August 18, 2008

Combat Slap Practice

Saturday, Merrianna & I got out the focus mitt, and we practiced the combat slap (or cupped hand strike). We started out in slow motion to get the coordination of the movements down. We worked a little on eliminating telegraphing, as well.

In the video (see "Combat Slap, 2"), Jim Grover seems to step forward with the foot opposite to his striking hand. Merrianna & I discussed the dynamics of stepping with the same-side (like Bruce Lee?) v. opposite side (like a boxer?) foot. One seems to be a little faster, and the other seems to deliver more power.

Perhaps the question will resolve itself with a little more practice.

I'd be interested if any of the readers noticed a difference like that. I'm deliberately withholding which foot gave which results so as not to influence your subconscious expectations.

I like the combat slap for the same reasons I like the palm heel strike: it's a powerful blow that can be delivered at very close -- i.e., grappling -- range (where most of your opponents will have difficulty generating power).


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I have yet to try it with a partner (like I've said, I don't have a partner!) but just experimenting a little bit on my own, I did see a bit of what you mentioned.

I naturally "fight" with in a stance with my left foot forward, and right foot back. If I moved forward with my left foot first, I was quicker, but the more powerful, albeit slower, option seemed to be moving in with my right.

Is that what you noticed?


P.S. Good post!

Gravelbelly said...

"Is that what you noticed?"

It depends. Which hand were you striking with?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

In that same stance, I struck with my right hand, sweeping towards my left.

Gravelbelly said...

That was our observation, as well, stepping with the same-side foot seemed to produce more power while the opposite side foot was definitely faster.

I'm not entirely sure of the body mechanics behind this difference, but I'm thinking about it.

Practice. Analyze. Practice some more.