Monday, August 4, 2008

Sheepdog Strategies, 3

Continued from "Sheepdog Strategies, 2"

If you live in a Northern region frequented by winter blizzards, you'll know what I'm talking about. The news station announces, "tonight we will see the biggest snowstorm of the season," and suddenly the grocery aisles are clogged with people buying the staple items (including a lot of bread and milk).

The same phenomenon appears in hurricane alley in the Gulf states. People rush out at the last minute to buy plywood to cover their windows. Store shelves are cleared of drinking water.

Doesn't it seem crazy for people who live in areas where natural disasters periodically occur, and who often have experienced them firsthand, not to prepare ahead of time?

Yet, only a tiny percentage of people have the foresight and take the initiative to put away a two-week supply of food and water along with a camp stove, flashlight, radio & some batteries.
All of that would fit under a bed, even in a tiny apartment.

It's a peculiarity of the human psyche that the overwhelming majority do not do it. We dance right up to the edge of disaster before we take note & decide to do something.

Is it any wonder that so many of our womenfolk do not choose to prepare for self-defense in violent situations? They are simply manifesting a common human trait. In another post, I want to explore the mindset issues that I believe lie behind the trait.

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Stephen Boyd said...

Kinda like the "emergency fund", recommended by Dave Ramsey?

Gravelbelly said...

Yes, the emergency fund is to financial disaster what adequate stores of food, water, etc. are to natural disaster.

Mike said...

A very interesting blog post sir. I remember having to prepare a "emergency kit" in order to compleate a Merit Badge a few years back, the day after I finished it a Tornado swept through our area.
It serves to remind me to "Always be Prepared".

By the way, you have an excellent blog! I found it through Stephen Boyd's, It's going to my blog roll.

God Bless,

Gravelbelly said...

Thanks, Mike. As you can tell from the comments, we all don't always agree on everything, but we have a united purpose in the name of the King.

Hope to hear more from you.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...


Very good point(s), my friend.