Monday, December 10, 2007

Jael's Daughter

When Barak refused to go to battle unless the prophetess Deborah accompanied him, he was told that the victory would be given to a woman (Judges 4). That woman was Jael who nailed Sisera's head to the ground with a tent peg. The prophetess honored her in a victory song (Judges 5).

Jeanne Assam could be a daughter of Jael. Where were the men armed and ready to defend the flock from the assassin? No matter, for Jeanne Assam was there, was armed and, in her own words, "took him down."

CNN has a page with a number of video clips on the shootings, including the statement by Miss Assam. I doubt that much more news will come out about this incident. There is already a good story profiling Matthew Murray, the shooter, & his connection to Youth With A Mission.

If I write any more on the story, it will probably be observations regarding tactics and the psychology of violence.

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