Saturday, December 29, 2007

WWII Combatives

During WWII, W.E. Fairbairn taught British, Canadian & US elite troops some of the most simple, efficient and brutal combat methods. I have tried to capture and pass on this wisdom in my book 12 US Military Combat Techniques That Could Save Your Life.

Here is a link to some rare wartime footage of Fairbairn's training camp in Scotland:
Fairbairn's Unarmed Combat Training

Here is a video clip of Fairbairn teaching at an OSS training camp Note the Lone Ranger masks worn to protect the identities of the participantants. The OSS was the forerunner of the CIA. Here's the clip:
Fairbairn Trains OSS

Here's another link to a WWII era US Marine bayonet training film. It illustrates the principle that unarmed skills transfer to the use of weapons:
Bayonet Fighting

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