Friday, December 14, 2007

Warrior Fitness -- Posture

Since we've been walking regularly, I've notice my posture more. I've noticed because of the effects that bad posture has had on my body. Specifically, the muscles of my lower back get painfully tight when I walk up a grade.

I've studied & written about posture before, and so now I am just putting some of my own preaching into practice. I imagine a wire attached to the middle of the top of my head (like a marionette). It pulls my head straight upward as I relax my shoulders and let them hang comfortably. This aligns my cervical spine and my upper back.

Then I tighten my glutes (fanny muscles). This rotates my pelvis back to its proper position and aligns my sacrum & lower back. It's requires a little concentration, but it does help relieve the pressure on my lower back. (Besides the posture improvement, I'm also doing exercises to strengthen the core muscles.)

If you want to try this, it may help to do it standing still before you try it while walking. In another post, I'll discuss the martial application of posture.

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