Friday, December 21, 2007

Warrior Fitness -- Posture, 4

The backbone of balance and mobility is the . . . uh . . . backbone. Your spine is a marvel of engineering and a testimony to the great wisdom of Him who designed it. And, contrary to a lot of evolutionary propaganda, back problems do not stem from the fact that humans walk upright.

The spine is designed to carry you in an upright position. As just one example, God designed the human woman's spine with a wedge-shaped vertebra in the lower back which neither men nor apes have. This, in conjunction with pelvic design, helps a pregnant woman adjust her center of gravity to keep her balance. This is fulfills a specific need for creatures who walk upright, and monkeys don't have this structure because they don't need it.

(Sadly the humanistic community can look at this marvel and still see evolution rather than God as its origin.)

The major cause of back pain is that humans don't know and/or don't care how God designed the spine and what He intended it to do. Cultural conditioning and lack of discipline, have contributed to the way we mistreat our backs. Ignorance ("What's wrong with the way I lift?"), pride ("It's not too heavy for ME."), emotional stress and cumulative minor traumas finish the job.

For that reason, you must repent of ignoring your Designer and begin to cooperate with His structural design for your back.

P.S. In a previous post, I mentioned signing up for the "12 Days of Fitness". Here's a link to an audio presentation from that promotional that will teach you something about the structure of the back, benefits of good posture, and some of the muscles that need to be strengthened.

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