Wednesday, December 30, 2009

200 Million Rounds for Homeland Security

This just in from my barber. Article here.

It seems that Winchester has agreed to supply the Dept. of Homeland Security with 200 million rounds of .40 cal. (135 grain) ammo over the next 5 years.

Question: Who they planning to shoot?

They don't seem too worried about the Muslim terrorists training in Hancock, N.Y. And you know the Establishment has no problem with illegal aliens coming across the border (or running for president).

You know whom they see as the REAL terrorists, don't you? Armed forces vets, anyone against abortion, folks who vote "wrong" in elections and those pesky people who think the Bible is the highest Law of the land. Oh yeah . . . and gun owners.

(If I were paranoid, I might think that the growth & popularity of a movement like OathKeepers has led the bureaucrats to conclude that they cannot depend on the armed forces to disarm & subjugate the populace.)

In a previous post, I told about how Homeland Security investigated a man who ordered 1000 rounds of .223 ammo through the mail. Seems they don't think private citizens should have that many cartridges in their possession.

But I guess they figure we should trust them with 200,000,000 rounds. That's enough to put a bullet into 2 out of every 3 citizens of this country.

So . . . who ARE they planning to shoot?


dlr said...

Maybe they're just planning to actually teach their folks how to shoot...

Gravelbelly said...

Do ya think maybe 40,000 agents can actually learn how to shoot with only 5,000 rounds apiece?

The Warrior said...

Perhaps dlr is right?