Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Hate to Be Wrong . . .

. . . but a friend of my barber sent him the following info regarding Homeland Security's contract to buy 200 million rounds of ammo from Winchester:

I talked to one of the guys in my unit who was a department rangemaster/armorer several years ago before promoting to detective.  He told me this morning that LAPD buys its ammo from a distributor in the Anaheim area and typically purchases about two millions rounds of our primary handgun rounds (9/40/45) annually, so 200 million rounds for DHS doesn't sound abnormally high to him, given the vast size of their organizational empire spread across the country and abroad, for recruit training at various academy facilities, plus in-service training, special training, and regularly-scheduled qualifications, and to replace/rotate older ammo stockpiles.

I admit it. I spouted off without sufficient information or reflection. Apologies to all.

That said, please don't think that I have changed my opinion about Homeland Security. They're an agency that defines potential terrorissts to include those who oppose murdering the unborn, supporters of politically incorrect candidates (like Ron Paul) and vets of the armed forces.

In short, I see these guys right up there with consistent Muslims as the real potential terrorists.

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