Saturday, April 25, 2009

Islamville & the Muslim Scouts of America

What could be as all-American as Mom, apple pie and the Boy Scouts of America. I know, scouting started in England, but it has become an icon of the American spirit.

Perhaps it should flatter and please us that the Muslims of America -- an organization with known terrorist ties -- has its own version of the Boy Scouts: The Muslim Scouts of America. It shows that they're assimilating into the mainstream culture, right? Hmmmmm . . . .

Here are some of the skills that scouts typically learn: fieldcraft (camping, tracking, etc), orienteering (map & compass), rappelling (not repelling, please), emergency medical response (first aid & CPR), archery, rifle marksmanship. In case you have not read Major H. John Poole's The Tiger's Way recently, I will remind you that these are all skills useful to guerilla and partisan fighters.

Given the facts presented in my last two posts on 35 possible (probable) training camps started by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Gilani, I take no comfort that Muslim Scouts from all over America have trained in Islamville, South Carolina -- about 2 hours drive from my house.

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I have two videos here about Islaville, SC. The first is a local TV station report. Note that the local sheriff "hopes" that Islamville is not a terrorist training camp and that the groups associations are of a concern to him.

South Carolina's FBI Agent in Charge, Leslie Weiser attended a Muslim Scouts graduation ceremony in 2004, where he delivered a terminally naive message about tolerance and living together in peace. May be he'll come to the next WARSKYL conference to give us a Pollyanna peptalk as well.

Why do the FBI and Homeland Security ignore these outposts and harass patriotic Americans, branding them as terrorists? You only have a difficulty with that question if you assume that they are on our side.

Now, just in case you are convinced that scouting could never be subverted to terrorist ends, you may need to see this video about the PLO Boy Scouts in Palestine:

Keep your eyes open & your powder dry.


J. Patrick Greer said...

Even the Boy Scouts are not as "Christian" as some people would believe. While the majority do respect and often a Christian bent. I was a Boy Scout (Yes, I even attained the rank of Eagle) and even worked at the local camp of seven summers during my late teens and early 20's. We would have a "chapel" service on Sunday evenings in a Chapel that had a cross hung in the usual area behind where the speaker spoke. We were often encouraged to not be "controversial" which was code for you can mention "God" but don't mention "Jesus".

I also attended a National Camp School before camp one summer to get a certification where they would teach anyone who was going to be a director at a camp was required to attend the Camp School or at least a percentage of the directors so when the camp was inspected they could say so many of us had been through the National Camp School.

During on of the meals at the national camp school on of the leaders got up to say the blessing but instead of closing it in "Jesus name" his closed it in "Budda's name". Needless to day this prayer was intended to shock and make a point rather than be an actual prayer (I hope) Needless to say that experience was burned in my memory.

The point they were trying to make was praying in Jesus name would be offensive to scouts of other religions, Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, Buddists, etc.

Needless to say as a Christian this was very shocking to me and although some of my fondest life memories and skills I learned were in the Boy Scouts that caused me to have less than the idealized view I had previously.

I think it's just fine of a Christian to be a member of the Boy Scouts either as a youth or leader but just as anywhere else that is not a purely official Christian organization and extra level of discernment is needed.

Of course in individual troops you may find less restrictions depending on the membership or agreement in much the same way you have Christian chaplins in the military.

It's interesting to note that the goal of the Boy Scouts is to primarily develop BOYS (males) into young men but this other group instead of being focused on a particular sex (male or female) is religious based.

Is the another branch of the World Scouting Organization (they are boy scouts all over the world not just the BSA - the orginal Scouts were British BTW and founded in England).

Is this a "real" scouting organization or a "knock off" group?

Gravelbelly said...

Yes, right here in the USA, Roman Catholic Churches, liberal Protestants, Baptists and Mormons all sponsor scout troops along with Hindus & Buddhists.

My point is that this wholesome-sounding organization is in the hands of people with terrorist ties, and scout training is very much adaptable to paramilitary ends.

BTW, Patrick, thanks for your comment. Hope to hear more from you.

I know Patrick & his wife, and I encourage readers to follow his the link to his bio page & check out his blogs.