Saturday, July 26, 2014

What the Christian Martialist Can Learn from Batman

I offer this Batman post an example of Providence.

This week I made a couple of posts to this blog that referred to comic books. Then, a couple of days ago, I received an email from Off the Grid News entitled "4 Survival Lessons from Batman".

The lessons listed in the email apply to a far broader group than preppers and survivalists. To see whatI mean, take a look at these excerpts from the letter. My comments are in brackets [-]

Here's a concept of critical importance: Batman actually worked himself "super." He did this not only by hard work, but by keen decision-making, incredible determination, commitment to his cause and the progressive development of his super-survival skills... all the same things you and I have access to right now.
. . . So let's look at 4 ways you can use Batman's hard-core survival skills . . .:

1. Decision Making: You'll need to start thinking right now about making the hard decisions that are coming your way fast. This will be necessary in order to actually stay alive in an increasingly hostile world. Hey, for the most part we are way too soft in our decision making skills. Sharpen your skills by [scenario based practice, which you can do in the real world or by mental imaging.]

2. Determination: Think about the determination it will take to live and thrive in a major melt-down.[Or in a life-or-death confrontation.] It's important to stop and contemplate about how easy life is for us by historical standards.  Consider the early days of our country's existence. Think about the life and death decision making skills the Pioneers possessed that kept them alive.

3. Commitment: Are you sincerely committed to "making it" when things get bad? Are you committed to your God? Your Family? Your Community? Your Church? Your Friends? It's easy to be committed when things are going well. It's much harder when conflict arises and struggles come along. True commitment requires digging deep and staying focused on the most important things in life... commitment to relationships.

4. Skill Development: Start to progressively develop your core survival skills over time. Go camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Have weekend drills for the whole family. Practice, practice and more practice. There is simply no way to shortcut this part. You have to pay a price. It worked for Batman, it will work for you.

The most important part of this is to understand that you've got the exact same "powers" that Batman had. You have the amazing power of choosing to take action.  Don't pass it up. If all you do is "think" about survival, you'll never be a hero... let alone a super-hero. The one thing that makes a hero a hero is that he or she acts in a heroic manner when their time comes. Your time is coming. Be ready.

One more thing. It's important. Batman may not have had super powers in the sense that other super-heroes had... but he did have a nifty utility belt and a Bat Cave loaded with incredible tools that made Batman much more effective in crunch time. [You must choose your gear carefully, train to use it properly, maintain it, and make sure you will have it where and when you need it.]

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