Saturday, July 5, 2014

Taking More Bites out of Crime

Last time, I presented you with some material about using your teeth in a close encounter of the violent kind. Today, assuming you've had your rabies and distemper shots, I just want to list some points to consider before you add your teeth to your arsenal.

  • Your attacker may have poor hygiene, which may put you off the idea of bringing your mouth into contact with his flesh. Also, he may have an STD (or an array of them), to which you would expose yourself if you draw blood by biting him.
  • Therefore, you must make up your mind beforehand whether to add this mode of counterattack to your repertoire. In other words, you must decide just how desperate you are willing to become to defend yourself or others. Death by a filthy orc now, or the possibility of a lifetime of debilitation with hepatitis, or a lingering death by an antibiotic resistant venereal disease later? 
  • If you find yourself willing to give your life in such a way for those in your care, you will want to consider the following detail Paul Vunak gives in his book Anatomy of a Streetfight: "The actual motion of the bite is a repeated circular ripping of the flesh, which results in numerous smaller bites. When applied cumulatively, unimaginable damage is inflicted." (p. 54)
  • Vunak recommends that you train by putting a piece of beef into a T-shirt, then experimenting to develop your technique until you can completely sever the chunk of meat.

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sam_awry said...

Interesting post. It never really occurred to me that this could be trained for!