Thursday, July 17, 2014

Breaking Obama's Choke Hold, 2

In the previous post, I revealed how the Obama administration's Operation Chokepoint labels sales of guns and ammunition as a "high risk" activity comparable to prostitution and pornography. Now, I want to show you some legal ways around these roadblocks that may actually make things better for you who need to purchase firearms.

  1. Pay cash rather than charge your purchases. Yes, you may have to save up to buy the krunchenticker you've always wanted, but eliminating the credit card also greatly reduces the paper trail. You can't eliminate it altogether, but it's much more private if you pay cash.
  2. See if your gun shop will put the weapon on layaway for you. With a minimal down payment, you can lock in the price until you pay it off.
  3. Buy your weapon piece by piece, as you can afford it. I did this back in the '90's when M1 Garands were plentiful. I bought a receiver in pristine condition, then I scoured shotgun news every month for new/unissued parts. In the end, I had what amounted to a brand new rifle for a thousand dollars, including the gunsmith's fee for installing the barrel. Except that I did not shell out the whole grand at one time.
  4. Roll your own. If you're handy with tools, you might consider buying an 80% receiver and finishing it. Then, purchase a parts kit and assemble your 100% off-the-books firearm. As of this writing, this is still legal in the United States. (Check state and local laws. You know I would NEVER recommend that you exercise your God-given rights in violation of mere human law.)
There you go. Four ways around the administration's attempts to choke off your access to the tools of self defense. There may be others.If you can think of one, I'd like to hear about it in the comments section.

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