Thursday, July 3, 2014

Take a Bite out of Crime . . . er, the Criminal

Sometimes, vendors give away really good information in order to induce people to buy their products. I received the following in an email sales letter from Jeff Anderson of Modern Combat & Survival Magazine. You will see his material in italics and my comments below it in non-italic script.

This technique is NOT on most people's "top 10 list" of fight moves and frankly, most people wouldn't even think it's effective... unless you spent your life growing up in an urban jungle of thugs, gang-bangers and street fighters.

If you did, you'd realize that this one technique is brutally effective at helping you escape an attacker even if he's twice your size and is manhandling you like a rag doll.
This is going to surprise you, but this barbaric fight tactic is actually "biting"!

Now, before you reject this as "girly" or a waste of time, remember that Mike Tyson used this technique against Evander Holyfield when he bit his ear during a boxing match and big, bad Evander ripped away from Tyson as fast as he could!

        (True story... Mike Gillette once saw a prisoner use this tactic against 4
      officers that gave them the fight of their life!)

And when you think of it from a tactical standpoint, you can see its effectiveness in self-defense because...

        ... your teeth are a "weapon" you always have with you...
        ... it takes no practice (only a few key points I'm about to share with you)
        ... it inflicts massive force no matter how big your attacker is or how
            small you are! (The average person's bite is 250lbs of pressure!)

Now this "technique" might seem simple, but there's a wrong way and a tactically superior way to bite your way out of the losing end of a violent attack. . . . 
  • Use your incisors - your front corner teeth
  • Smaller amounts of flesh are better. Instead of a big wide bite on an arm for example, bite a small area VERY HARD. You can bite any area within your reach, and even the neck, ears, ribs, or skin of the back of the head!
  • Bite and "rip" at the same time.  This delivers maximum pain and brutality.  Don't stop until you get the response you want - which is them releasing you.
Of course, biting isn't a "knockout blow" and it may not stop the fight completely (though it could completely destroy their will to attack you).
[End of excerpt]

I will have further comments on this in a day or two. In the meantime, I'd like to hear from you. In the comments, please tell me your reaction to this material. Would you ever feel desperate enough to chomp on an orc? Any ideas, cautions or corrections to what you've read? If so, share them with me and your fellow readers.


sam_awry said...

I saw this tactic used in a recent episode of the "Walking Dead" television show. (Yes, I actually watch that show!) The main character Rick ended a standoff by ripping a bad guy's throat out using nothing but his bare teeth! Is that really possible to do?

Gravelbelly said...

Thanks so much for your question. I think you will want to read my Saturday post. It talks about a training method that may be able to help you do that, although it's probably overkill, so to speak.