Monday, June 13, 2011

The Giant

My wife sent me this poem as it appeared on the blogsite Large Family Mothering. The blogger got it from McGuffey's Juvenile Reader.

The Giant

There came a giant to my door, 
A giant, fierce and strong. 
His step was heavy on the floor, 
His arms were ten yards long.

He scowled and frowned: He shook the ground: 
I trembled through and through; 
At length I looked him in the face, 
And cried, "Who cares for you?"

The mighty giant, as I spoke, 
Grew pale, and thin, and small;
And through his body, as 't were smoke, 
I saw the sunshine fall.

His blood-red eyes turned blue as skies, 
He whispered soft and low. 
"Is this," I cried, with growing pride,
"Is this the mighty foe?"

He sank before my earnest face, 
He vanished quite away, 
And left no shadow in his place 
Between me and the day.

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