Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Push-ups: Dream or Nightmare? -- 2

A year-and-a-half of chiropractic adjustments augmented by gravity based traction, some back exercises and weight loss has not only helped my spine, but also the joints and muscles of my shoulder girdle. I decided to see if I could retrain my joints and muscles to the full range push-up.

I started by raising my had supports to about 28" from the floor and reducing to 20 reps per set. I did ten sets, and at the end of each one, my muscles felt as well worked as they had when I was doing 50 rep sets with my hands much lower.

I have progressed to the point where this past Saturday, I did two sets with my hands elevated only 16" from the floor. The other eight sets I still do at the 28" elevation. My plan is to increase reps and gradually work down to fully horizontal, full range push-ups.

That brings me back to my dream: I was in the horizontal push-up position. I wondered if I could do a full range push-up with my hands on the floor.

I did a couple, then decided to go for a full set of 20. And I did them -- slowly and steadily but with some effort I completed a set of 20 full range horizontal push-ups.

I found the dream encouraging because it tells me that somewhere deep inside I really believe I can do this. And that's the kind of belief that, in God's providence, can make dreams come true.

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