Friday, September 3, 2010

Machete: The Movie Hits Theaters

A few months ago, I gave a preview/warning about the movie Machete. The film is now in theaters, and it apparently lives down to its reputation.

Here is a brief review from Movieguide:

MACHETE is an ultra violent, extremely lewd and bloody exploitation movie about a Mexican immigrant who, working with left-wing revolutionaries, violently stops a conspiracy involving a corrupt white businessman secretly in cahoots with a Mexican drug lord who’s manipulating white vigilantes killing illegal immigrants. MACHETE is one of the worst movies ever – an ultra violent, bloody mess with extremely lewd content and a hateful, offensive, racist, Anti-American worldview.

Movieguide rates it "heavy" for violence, language, sex and nudity. They go on to say, "If it had not been preceded by ANTICHRIST, MACHETE probably would be the worst movie ever made."

It will not surprise me if the strong racist bias coupled with the extreme violence in Machete lead illegal aliens and their supporters to further violence against white Americans.

I will not be wasting my money nor my time to go see this film. I sincerely believe I would be worse rather than better off for seeing it.


The Warrior said...

Sorry, read this when you posted it, finally got back to it now....

Good point; it'd likely be pointless to see it for the most part, even though I usually like to examine what I am likely going to oppose.

A shame; and he was such a good bad guy in The Replacement Killers....

Gravelbelly said...

From what I understand, the movie should be rated "X" rather than "R". The review I read says it has full nudity & some twisted sexual content.

For that reason, alone, I'd have to recommend that you stay away from it.

The Warrior said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that I was thinking about seeing it; I'm not. I was trying to say, "I usually like to form my own opinions, but in this case, I'll pass anyways."


Gravelbelly said...

No problem. I know from past communication that you avoid movies with nudity . . . and rightly so.

I merely wanted to be crystal clear on the content of this bucket of slime, just in case.

The Warrior said...

Yeah, thanks. I mean, I see movies with sex scenes in them sometimes now that I'm older (even Firefly, which I'm watching now, technically counts) for reasons such as stated (i.e., want to see the product for whatever reason, like reviewing, etc.) but in the end I really, REALLY would rather not have my movies have that, you know what I mean? And if it gets too bad, I'll skip it. (Note to everyone: do NOT try to watch HBO's Rome. :-O :-O)

I also hate sorcery and even aliens in my stuff. What can I say? I'm nasty picky.

What do you think?

Gravelbelly said...

I don't have a problem with wizards in a setting like LOTR (although the movies were not as good as the books), because of the principle of "different world, different rules." In fact, in Middle Earth, the wizards are actually a kind of angelic beings who have taken on a material form.

Also, in both LOTR and the Narnia Chronicles, the danger inherent in seeking magical powers is a major theme.

The Warrior said... would you like to further this dicussion here, on my blog, or via email? This'll be fun. :-D