Thursday, September 9, 2010

Man Arrested for Defending Home & Family

The video below tells the story of George Grier who fired four warning shots into his lawn when a gang of about two dozen men threatened to kill him & his family. Long Island police arrested him for reckless endangerment.

The video makes the point that you are only allowed to use force against force. Since none of the gang were brandishing weapons, I suppose the law would require him to put his rifle down & take on the gang empty-handed.

This is the foolishness a nation embraces that rejects the King and His Royal Law of Liberty.


Stephen said...

Depending on what the actual situation was, I hope I could have shot those guys. Or else not showed the gun.
I'm not a fan of "warning" shots. Every time you pull the trigger in an urban environment, each round fired is a liability.

Gravelbelly said...

Excellent point, Stephen.

Your tactical sense here is spot on.

Sadly, though, if the orcs had closed in on Mr. Grier, and if he shot one or more, he would probably be arrested for manslaughter.

The Warrior said...

Nothing like a little encouraging belief in the human race pick me up....

Gravelbelly said...