Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In 2003 there was a short-lived television Western called Peacemakers which starred Tom Berenger as a town marshal in Colorado. I think the series did not last because those responsible never decided what they wanted it to be.

On the surface, it's CSI set in the Old West: an interesting perspective that chronicles the birth of some of the technologies that made forensic science possible. The characters are also interesting and easy to identify with (whom!).

You can see a lot of promise in the pilot which is available to watch on Hulu -- Click here to view

.Sadly, the second, third and fourth episodes use the series as a vehicle to deliver -- in a heavy-handed manner -- a series of "politically correct" messages. Then came the fifth episode.

Episode five, "Legend of the Gun" I found to fall more into the category of traditional Western, supported by the forensic premise and the cast of interesting characters. Yes, it's a bit formulaic and therefore predictable, but I found it enjoyable, nonetheless.

I'm posting it here for you to watch, because it addresses the issue of taking human life against the backdrop of justice, revenge & ego. I hope you find it worthwhile.


The Warrior said...

This makes me wonder, did you ever see Jericho? And what did you think of Firefly?

Gravelbelly said...

I liked Jericho -- a man of morals & character in a post-apocalyptic world. I wish it had stayed around long enough to come to a satisfying conclusion.

Our household has the DVD series of Firefly as well as a DVD of the movie. Although Joss Whedon portrays Mal as an unbeliever, his relationship to the crew reminds me of Christ and the Church.

I find Shepherd Book an intriguing character, and I wish the series had lasted long enough to find out some of his back story. ("The Good Book is quite clear on murder; it is somewhat more vague, however, on the subject of kneecaps." [Not an exact quote])

I could go on about the characters. Each one contributes a unique talent or perspective to the crew.

I would hesitate to expose very young children to some of the displays of sexual immorality in the show, but around our house Firefly remains a perennial favorite.

Gravelbelly said...

Sorry . . . when you mentioned Jericho, I confused it in my mind with "Jeremiah".

The Warrior said...

Gotcha. I'm going to watch Firefly I will have to remember to check out Jeremiah as well. and you actually described Jericho fairly well. Ever seen it?

Gravelbelly said...
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