Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Developing Alertness/Awareness

I call it your DEW (Distant Early Warning) line. My barber calls it situational awareness. Gavin De Becker calls it The Gift of Fear. Jeff Cooper (Principles of Personal Defense) simply calls it alerness.

It's based on the God-given, inborn ability each of us has that warns us when something's not right. But you can enhance and develop that ability once you teach yourself to listen to it.

Developing situational awareness is what David Morris's free lesson in urban survival is all about. Of course I disagree with what he says about luck at the beginning of the lesson -- I believe in and affirm God's overriding providence in all things. Nevertheless, the author's advice on thinking like a mugger in order to develop awareness is good.

It's similar to the advice Marc MacYoung gives in his video Safe in the Street (A DVD I highly recommend).

Anyway, read the PDF for what you can gain from it.Note:  I don't know anything about the rest of David Morris's course, so this is not necessarily a recommendation.)

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The Warrior said...

Now that you make me think of it, I don't really think I have a "name" for it. Maybe something along the lines of "Always mind your surroundings" (Okay, so I've watched all the Ra's Al Ghul scenes in Batman Begins too much, ok? ;-P).

I can't say I've ever gotten a premonition of anything, but I do try to stay focused on everything around me (more often than not, I do fairly well).

So said video was released on DVD...I remember you recommending it a long time ago. I'm excited to see the DVD now. I'll have to snag it, thanks!