Monday, September 20, 2010

Unprofitable Home Defense, 2

Continued from "Unprofitable Home Defense"

What would you think of a church missionary society that sent 100 missionaries to India, and over half of them converted to Hinduism? If they actually lost more missionaries to paganism than they gained in converts?

Is it possible that there might be something wrong with their missionary candidate selection process?

What would you think of that mission agency if they pointed to their missionaries who did not convert as proof of their program's success? Can you say, "Delusional"?

Incredibly, some Christians still use the argument that we should send our children into the public school system as missionaries and evangelists. Some will even justify their argument by pointing at this or that child who graduated from public school and is "still okay."

Never mind the 60% to 70% of young people who just disappear from church rolls after high school. (see Barna study; see Lifeway study) Can you say, "Absolutely delusional"?

Let me get this straight: The best program you can come up with for winning our society to Christ is to send five- and six-year-olds out among professionally trained humanist indoctrinators.

Although the great majority of Christians send their children to the public schools, there is a growing minority who who educate their youngsters at home. Compare their success to the average.

The National Home Education Research Institute conducted a survey of over 7,000 home school graduates. Here is one result of that poll:

94% strongly agreed or agreed to the statement, “My religious beliefs are basically the same as those of my parents.”

Am I so radical as to think that the way a child is educated has a major influence on that how that child believes and behaves as an adult? No doubt in my mind.

AND I believe that if you make every provision for your child's physical safety and neglect his/her spiritual protection, then you have failed as a Christian Martialist.

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The Warrior said...

Great addition to this post series. You hit the nail on the head. When will they get it? I usually hear something along the lines of: "You were homeschooled? What about a social life? Did you have any friends?"

It's at this point that I ignore the fact that homeschoolers can and do have friends and are not imprisoned cave-dwellers; instead, I usually like to point out, "Isn't education what school is about, not having friends?"

Oh, but is no longer what it's about. Silly me!