Saturday, May 22, 2010

From "Spy Kids" to "Machete"

The "Spy Kids" series of movies (2001, 2002, 2003) all contain a character called Machete. He's evidently a minor recurring character who helps the films' protagonists.

You can see the character Machete in this trailer from "Spy Kids 2". He appears 21 seconds into the video.

Now Robert Rodriquez, the director/writer of the series, has lifted the character -- as portrayed by the same actor -- out of the children's movies and transplanted him as the main character of a dark film that feeds Latino racial envy and hatred. The story's title is "Machete" (slated for release Sept, 2010).

The actual transformation of Machete began with a fake trailer that appeared as part of the movie "Planet Terror" (2007) by Rodriguez. Perhaps he thought it would be funny (in a perverse way) to take a role model of school children and turn him into racist killing machine shown cavorting with fully nude females. (You can Google the fake trailer, but be warned that it contains nudity and graphic blood splatter.)

According to Rodriguez, the movie "Machete" will contain everything that appeared in the trailer, and more. In it, the character Machete becomes a full-blown, murderous Antichrist (in the Biblical sense of a false, substitute messianic figure) to whom Latino characters offer up prayers for deliverance.

The millions of 6-to-12 year olds who became familiar with the character in "Spy Kids" are now in their mid-teens to early 20's. And now they can view him as a savior who turns their frustrations into full-blown political/cultural/racial insurrection.

Certain questions may occur to the astute observer. The biggest is "Why?"

For example, "Why are federal funds involved in the production of a movie that incites insurrection?"

My answer:

For the same reason that the Latino Marxist racist group La Raza receives funding from the Ford Foundation.

For the same reason that federal agents allow Muslim militant training camps to continue in this country while targeting Christian militia groups.

For the same reason that the "mainstream" media paint TEA party activists as violent racists as they ignore the fulminations of antiamerican groups. (Also, see here.)

Alex Jones articulates that reason in the video below.

You can sum up the answer in the phrase "pressure from above and pressure from below". If you don't know what that means, your efforts to defend this country could very well play into the hands of those who have specific plans for your enslavement.


The Warrior said...


Of course...are we surprised? Again, thanks for the heads-up.

The Warrior said...

Ah, ok...thought I recognized him. He's a baddie in one of my favorite movies, The Replacement I'm sort of annoyed at that. :-/

Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. God bless, Lloyd

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Thanks, Lloyd, and welcome. Looks like we're from the same generation. Hope to be hearing more from you in the future.