Thursday, July 8, 2010

Loving Your Enemy

Some time back, at our one-and-only WARSKYL conference, a friend and Christian Martialist made an excellent presentation on loving your enemy and how it fit into the Biblical context of self defense. I wish everyone who has ever read this blog could hear it.

He mentioned some of the aspects of love toward an enemy in my presentation:

  1. How going out of your way to avoid violence is an act of love toward an assailant we might have to otherwise hurt;
  2. How assuming the non-threatening posture while saying, "Stop! Leave me alone," shows love by giving a potential assailant the opportunity to reconsider his actions;
  3. How the intention to escape at the earliest possible opportunity shows love by not taking vengeance on a disabled attacker.
There was much more to that talk that would benefit all of us in our attitudes as Christian Martialists. But what reminded me of that talk was an email I received last night.

It seems that Charl Van Wyk will speak at the annual synod & retreat of the Federation of Reformed Churches. You may remember that I featured Van Wyk in a couple of posts -- "Terrorist Attack on Church" and "Shooting Back Missionary Still Armed for the Lord"

It does not look as though I'll be able to attend the retreat this year (sadly), but I did look up a video interview with Charl Van Wyk that emphasizes the theme of forgiving his enemies. Thought you might like to see it, as well.

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