Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gaston Glock: A Study in Self Defense

Gun designer and manufacturer Gaston Glock has provided us an interesting case study in self defense. My barber drew my attention to the account.

The scenario:  In 1999, the 60-ish Glock visits a Swiss employee who allegedly sets him up for murder by a "mugger" in a parking garage. The would-be assassin hits him from behind with a rubber mallet.

What would you expect a world-renowned gun maker to do? Why, spin around as he draws his personal weapon and blow the assailant to kingdom come . . . right?

Wrong! For whatever reason (concealed carry restrictions?) Glock is unarmed. So, instead he practices unarmed defense.

An article by Dyan Machan from Forbes Magazine describes the incident:

Springing up on legs toned by miles of daily swimming, Glock thrust his enormous fist into his assailant's eye socket. As the would-be assassin staggered, Glock pounded again, knocking out a few of the man's teeth. The bloodied attacker staggered, then collapsed on top of Glock "with his arms outstretched like Jesus," according to John Paul Frising, Luxembourg's deputy attorney general, who brought attempted murder charges against the attacker, the French-born Jacques (Spartacus) PĂȘcheur, 67.

It seems that mindset (aggressiveness) and superb conditioning carried him through to survive the assault and to prevail.

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