Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prayer Request, re: Local Shooting

WYFF Channel 4 News has reported a story about a man who stabbed his girl friend in the chest and neck (she died seeking help on a neighbor's porch). The killer then picked up a piece of pipe and approached a man outside another nearby home.

The man judged himself to be in mortal danger, drew his gun and shot the killer. Police acknowledge that he shot in self defense.

The main reason I mention this story is that I know the shooter. He is a relative of some folks who go to our church. In fact, he was instrumental in helping me buy a vehicle after mine was wrecked in February.

I won't give you his name, but I will ask you to pray for him & for the family. Pray for God's gracious working in his life.

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The Warrior said...

I hope the final line in the article will remain true.

God bless true warriors. We need every last one of them.