Friday, July 2, 2010

My Barber's Point Shooting Drills

I received an email from my barber about my post, "Point Shooting IS Combat Shooting". I thought you Christian Martialists would profit from a peek into how he works his training in to his daily routine.

yesterday's blog entry . . . 
loved it.  especially loved the seattle combatives link which i have added to my favorites.  as i told you previously,i practice point shooting everyday.  i try to train for all eventualities,close and far.  i use full-length mirror doors when practicing.  it adds realism. part of my nightly ritual when preparing for bed,is to extinguish all lights in the house.  then i go into the bathroom,using tactical lighting techniques,i use the toilet,then cover down on the medicine cabinet mirror, over the sink.  i execute three shots,point shooting from the simulated holster,up to the shoulder,then turning the muzzle in a 180-degree arc,fire three more back down to the holster position.  then I do my flashlight drills going up the steps to the bedroom.  a little room and hall clearing along the way,and i sleep like a baby.  after my Prayers,of course. my only gripe is that kimber should make a full-size .45 without sights!  i hate compact be effective as a warrior,we must be complelely comfortable,and excel in the no-light,lo-light situations.  the darkness is your ally in a fight.  as defender,you have the advantage,and all the edge with prudent use of tactical lighting.  i feel as comfortable engaging targets in the darkness as i do in the light.  for father's day, [daughter's name removed for privacy & security reasons] bought me a surefire combat light that i have been lusting after for 6 years.  confidence level just soared another 10 notches...Love and Peace to you and your family,Brother.

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