Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Case for an Independent Militia, 5

Continued from "The Case for an Independent Militia, 4"

In my previous entries on the case for an independent militia, I have established the existence of two constitutional principles:

  1. The People = The Militia
  2. The People constitute the third level of federalism (Fedral, state & people; not federal, state & local).
On the second point rests the principle that the People have the ultimate veto power over their representatives in both Washington and their state capitols.

I always find it gratifying when I read someone who agrees with me. Such is the case with an article by Bojidar Marinov in which he lays down the very principle I've been building toward: the veto power of the people.

Marinov argues more from the Declaration of Independence than from the Constitution, but his underlying principles and his conclusions are the same as mine. As a native Bulgarian, his grasp of America's foundational principles far outdistances that of many natural-born citizens (would that I could say the same of our foreign-born president).

Here is the link to the article by Rev. Marinov:

"Consent Vs. Compliance"

The fact of the People's veto power is implicit in the U.S. Constitution. Coming up: the question of how the People lawfully enforce that power.

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