Friday, May 7, 2010

A Good Barber . . .

. . . cuts your hair. A great barber sends you emails like this:

At the national museum of the Infantry,there is an M4,M16A2 simulator that charges a nominal fee for a course of fire.  This helps pay for the museum,and gives the public a chance to experience a real weapon.  They are connected to compressed air that actually causes recoil,and a laser that registers hits. A digital gunshot accompanies each squeeze of the trigger.  I opted to pay an additional $2.00 to purchase the 3-round burst,unlimited ammo option.  I covered down on an M4 with a ganster grip.  During a 2 minute course of fire,I hit 18 of the 20 targets presented to me.  In addition,I fired a total of  256 additional shots,on 3-round burst,aimed at various non-target items downrange.  In 2 minutes,I fired a total of 276 rounds.  I also raised a blood blister on my trigger finger!  (hope that's healed by next thursday).  My daily practice paid off.  My family was waiting downstairs in the lobby,and said they could hear the sustained firing,and other people asked what it was. 

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Gravelbelly said...

Note: I removed the comment above because it links to a blogsite where I received a "virus alert" from my antivirus software.

Nothing wrong with the comment. I just wanted to protect my readers.