Thursday, May 6, 2010

About Learning (Way off Topic)

Today's post is way off topic -- well, maybe not. It's about learning as opposed to schooling.

As a college student and a teacher in a private, pseudochristian school, I learned that people pay good money for a product they don't really want -- education. Students in general (there are exceptions) like shorter assignments, less reading and easier courses.

As a consequence, (or perhaps it's a causal factor), students tend to orient themselves to the byproducts of their schooling (i.e., diplomas, degrees, certification) rather than the content (learning stuff).

I have concluded that my regular readers are among those few (we happy few!) who keep coming back because they want to learn something about the philosophy & application of Christian Martialism. To that end, I'd like to recommend a great resource.

Gary North has written a series of lessons on how to become an outstanding student. In other words, you can study to become an expert in any field, including the Bible, self defense (or the Bible & self defense), history, political science, or you name it.

Here's the link to the page where you can access those lessons, free of charge:

Two Weeks to Success

Here's how I'm using what I've learned about how to learn from Dr. North's course: I've started a highlights in calculus  course offered by MIT. Well, I'm viewing the course online, because MIT is in the process of putting its whole curriculum online for free.

No credit, no degree. Just the teaching from one of the world's top schools. Here's the link for that, if you're interested:

MIT Open Courseware

Or you could just go back through the posts in this blog & become an expert Christian Martialist. (Granted, Dr. North's course is slanted toward the academic & cognitive, whereas Christian Martialism includes a lot of kinesthetic skills, but if you are my average sharp reader, you will see how to adapt the principles to physical learning, as well.)

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