Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Call Me Madam, 5

Continued from "Call Me Madam, 4" (or click here to start at the first episode in the series)

The story so far: High upon the mist-shrouded mountain, I have sought out the great master of combat arts, ancient and modern to inquire about the place of love and marriage in the life of a warrior. I told him that I wondered if a warrior might not be better off if he did not have a wife to worry about. The combat master pointed out that even Jesus, the archetypal Warrior-King has a bride. I respond in my customarily smooth and articulate fashion.

". . . but . . . uhhh . . . ."

The master patiently prods. "Yes, Clodhopper?"

"Didn't soldiers in ancient Israel get an exemption from battle if they were married?"

"You are referring to Deuteronomy 24:5 where it says that a man who has taken a new bride will not be called to war?"

"Um . . . yes, I think so."

"Well, the passage also says that the exemption lasts for one year. After that time he is liable to service in Israel's militia."

"Then why is he exempt for a year?"

"Scripture says it's for his wife's sake, not his. In addition, after a year he should be a better warrior."

"Why is that, Master?"

"Because he will have more to fight for. He has invested a year in his married life and he leaves behind she who is flesh of his flesh and perhaps even a wee bairn of his own blood. He will now fight not for house -- four walls and a roof -- but for his home."

To be continued

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The Warrior said...

Interesting concept to digest....

As stated before, excellent series so far.