Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Call Me Madam"

After a trip to the chiropractor, I am able -- with difficulty -- to ascend the mist-shrouded mountain that the master of ancient combat skills calls his home. As usual, I find him sitting on a large rock -- doesn't he have a house or shelter or something around here?

I see he is clad in his warrior people's traditional, flowing garb  -- a great kilt. As his eyes meet mine, I realize that he knew I was coming long before I came into sight.

His voice reminds me of Sean Connery as he speaks. "Your stalking skills are improving. Today you sounded like only two or three elephants crashing through the brush."

"Thank you, Master. I have come to seek wisdom about love and marriage in a warrior's life."

"Good topic. A warrior must choose a wife wisely, for if he should lay down his life in her protection, he must not waste his sacrifice. What brought this to mind, Clodhopper?"

"Master, we watched Call Me Madam last night, and it brought back memories of decades past."

"Can you tell me about it without putting me to sleep?"

"Yes sir, I believe I can."

To be continued


Stephen Boyd said...

Oh goody!

I'm looking forward to this.

Emil Bandy said...

I love the way you set the context for that.. :-)

Looking forward to it as well.

The Warrior said...

I haven't been around much lately...I didn't miss anything, did I? Either way, this is a good start to the story. I liked how you made us want to think it was Asian, but instead it's Scottish...and I laughed more than once.


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