Monday, February 1, 2010

"Call Me Madam", 2

 Continued from "Call Me Madam"

So far: Recently watching "Call Me Madam" has motivated me to ascend the mist-shrouded mountain in order to ask the great master of ancient combat arts about love and marriage in a warrior's life.

The master raises himself to the fullness of his imposing height, folds his arms and stares at me critically. Although the Model 1911 that he always carries is hidden in the folds of his great kilt, the two-handed sword  slung over his back and the dirk in his stocking give him a menacing appearance as I begin my story.

"In August of 1968, I went to Mexico as part of a student summer missions team. A couple of nights before I left, my mother and I stayed up to watch the movie "Call Me Madam" on television."

The master rolls his eyes and says, "I hope you're not going to give me a detailed account of your life since 1968."

"No . . . no, of course not. Anyway, there was this song in the movie . . . "

"It's a MUSICAL???" The master eyes me suspiciously.

"Yessir, it's a musical. And Ethel Merman & Donald O'Conner sing this duet: 'You're Just in Love'. . . Let me sing it for you."

Long pause as the master just stares at me. Finally he says with an arched brow, "You're a nancy-boy, aren't you?"

"No," I protest, "Really, I'm not." The master lets me continue, but the suspicion in his eyes does not diminish.

To be continued.

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The Warrior said...

Okay, this really is hilarious. I'm loving the master, especially with the dirk, sword, and 1911.