Monday, February 8, 2010

"Call Me Madam", 3

Continued from "Call Me Madam", 2

The story so far: I have made the trek up the mist-shrouded mountain to ask the great master of ancient and modern combat skills about love and marriage as it relates to the warrior. I told him about how my mother & I watched "Call Me Madam" in 1968, and I aroused his suspicion that I might be some kind of pansy by singing "You're Just in Love" from that [musical] movie.

"Well, Master," I continued, "A couple of days after we watched the movie "Call Me Madam", I went with a group of students on a summer missions trip to Mexico. We distributed literature, held meetings, and came down with 'Montezuma's Revenge'.

"I even preached through an interrupter . . . er, interpreter in a one-room schoolhouse."

"Missions is good, Clodhopper, but is there a point to all this?"

"Yes, there is. I met this girl who was also on the missions team. She made a  big impression on me. So much so, that when we got back to the 'States, I called home to tell my folks.

"Well, my mom & dad were not home, & my brother answered the phone. I asked him to give a message to our mother, and I quoted the song. I said, 'Tell Mom that I smell blossoms and the trees are bare.'"

"You're not going to sing again, Clodhopper!?" It was more a command than a question.

"No, no. I'm not going to sing (but any readers who missed the song can find it in my previous post). But, anyhow, my mom & dad knew what the message meant: I had met a girl - someone special."

To be continued


The Warrior said...

Oh? This is a surprise. Now it's getting interesting!

Gravelbelly said...

. . . and some of this story is even true.

The Warrior said...

Really? One day you'll have to tell me more. :-)

Gravelbelly said...

Just stay tuned, & you'll learn more.