Monday, February 22, 2010

Prayer Requests

Last Thursday, I had just stopped at a traffic signal when another vehicle plowed into the rear of my car. The impact sent my vehicle right through the intersection. Thankfully, the light had just turned red & the cross-traffic had not yet started through the intersection.

The forces of momentum broke the back of the driver's seat & bent the small of my back over the little hump where the seat broke. The back pain was incredible for several minutes afterward. I was also shaken by the experience.

I am thankful that a really kind lady stopped & offered her cell phone so I could call 911. I got her first name (Victoria), but did not have it together enough to ask her contact information.

The responding officer reported the other driver at fault, but also issued me a "subpoena ticket" to appear as a witness in the case against him on April 6. Call me paranoid, but I'd never heard of issuing a subpoena to the victim in a car accident before, so I'm a little leery about this court appearance.

Although my car is operable, I do not consider it safe to drive. The other driver's insurance company (Allstate) will pay for a rental vehicle, but I would have to pay $15/day collision insurance, which I simply cannot afford.

Two people who know something of the insurance industry have told me that Allstate is the absolute worst company at settling claims. The adjuster is supposed to come to my house to look at the car by Thursday of this week.

A lady from our church gave us a ride to Sunday school & worship yesterday. One of the deacons from our church has graciously offered to drive me to the chiropractor's office for my appointment this afternoon.

As a side note, just to show how sharp the impact was, there is an ash tray under the dash of our car with a cup holder in front of it. Although there was a water bottle in the cup holder directly in front of the ash tray, the ash tray was popped right out of the dash & landed on the passenger-side floor. That ash tray has a catch & you could pull on it all day without getting it out of the dash unless you depressed the catch, but it popped out in a split second at the time of the collision.

I would appreciate it if you, my readers and fellow Christian Martialists would pray for me regarding the following matters:

1) Thanks to God for the many graces in this difficulty, including the fact that in God's providence my daughter's voice lesson had been canceled (otherwise she would have been in the car with me), the great showing of concern & kindness from my fellow believers, the fact that God's Word assures us that He is working all things for His glory and the good of those whom He calls.

2) I told Victoria, "I'll pray for you tonight," because of her willingness to come to my aid; please pray for God's manifest grace in her life in every way; also for God's blessing on CG, the deacon who is providing me with transportation help this week and on JE who gave us a ride to church & just called to say she had unexpectedly won a gift card & would like to give it to us; also for my pastor & all from church who have given encouragement; also for J.D, a Christian neighbor who has given us good information & advice.

3) For a favorable settlement from the insurance company; it would be impossible for me to come out even if all they give me is "book value" of my '92 Toyota.

I will also thank you for your patience as I may not post as frequently for the next couple of weeks.


Johann said...

Will pray Sir!

Gravelbelly said...

Thanks, Johann.

The Warrior said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry I haven't been around (my blog will explain it). Beyond prayer, what can I do for you?