Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grassroots Anti-Terrorism

The world's Islamic terrorists still probe, watch and wait for the opportunity to inflict a significant blow against America's people.

(Yes, I know that they are actually reacting against America's tiny-but-powerful-and-wealthy Establishment along with its elected lackeys, bureaucratic hacks a duped majority of the sheeple. But an IED exploding in a public place does not select its victims according to ideology.)

Therefore, you can react to the terrorist threat in one of three ways:
  1. Denial -- close your eyes and trust to the law of averages that it's someone else (or someone else's spouse/child) who will fall victim to terrorism;
  2. Faith in your idolatrous uncle-god-in-washington -- trust the bureaucrats & jackboots of Homeland Security to go after the real culprits, in spite of their declared intent;
  3. Individual responsibility in obedience to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ -- recognize that part of your calling to take dominion involves active opposition to wickedness in society.
The video below features American Vision's Gary Demar as he discusses how individual citizens are the first (and primary) line of defense against air-travel terrorism. He also shows that all the hoopla about airport security is an illusion to calm the credulous public.

Although you may not do much flying, I advise you watch the video, to apply it to the potential terrorist targets in you own life -- (subways, buses, shopping malls, schools, etc.)

(I am not a big fan of the frenetic musical beat used to introduce so many news shows. Too bad that Christian news shows have aped the general culture in this regard.)

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