Monday, January 18, 2010

Entertained by Violence?

In a recent exchange of emails with some Christian parents, they posed the following question:

Just a side thought-One question that has arisen in our house several times is whether it is OK to be entertained by violence, such as is in R rated movies.

My answer follows:

First, I think it would be wise to discern what you mean when you say "entertained by violence."

If by that, you mean watching blood-and-splatter movies (e.g., Texas Chain Saw Massacre & movies of that ilk) and deriving pleasure from  bloody death & dismemberment, then I would have to say that such entertainment goes against the teaching of Scripture. There is no warrant for taking delight in the violent suffering and death of other people.

On the other hand, I believe a lot of Christian young men (and some older ones) watch "action" movies that include a lot of fighting and death for reasons other than to glory in bloody suffering.

God has implanted men with an instinct to protect home & family. Sadly, however, many churches and homes do not know what to do with these drives.

Often, the only message a Christian boy receives is: "Fighting is always bad; don't do it." This causes a radical disconnect between the young man's religious perception and his God-created manhood.

Within him, certain questions nag. If I had to, could I defend myself? Could I protect my family? Could I take a human life, if necessary?

These questions are not limited to Christian young men, but it is they who, in particular, need Biblical answers -- answers that are not always forthcoming. I'm afraid that in many of our young men, the questions just take the form of impressions and feelings that they cannot even articulate.

(To be continued)

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The Warrior said...

Good question to bring up, glad to see you do it. Those of us unfortunate enough to have to deal with this on their own, know what it is like to deal with it when they are very young.